My World’s on Fire is a newsletter about disasters.

Extreme weather events are becoming more common. But who explains why and follows these stories after the news cycle moves on?

Enter MWOF. You can support this informative & necessary disaster reporting today!

What’s My World’s on Fire About?

Building disaster awareness, literacy, and accountability.

My name is Colleen Hagerty. I founded the My World’s on Fire newsletter and write each edition that comes to your inbox.

I’m a journalist who has covered extreme weather-related disasters in the US for outlets including BBC News, NY1, and Vox. My journalism aims to expand your understanding of how disasters happen, the systems built to prevent and address them, and the many ways communities are impacted in the long-term.

This newsletter goes back to basics—no unexplained acronyms or high-level jargon here—while bringing you insights from leading disaster experts and survivors.

If you’re interested in reading deep-dive journalism on preparation, community resiliency, and recovery, you’ve found the right newsletter.

And your support makes it possible.

I created MWOF to share important stories not covered elsewhere and to make sure information is free-to-access for anyone who needs it. But this takes resources, and I can’t do it alone.

If you have the means to give, please consider becoming a member. As a member you get extra MWOF content and a look behind the scenes at my journalism. Your financial support helps me travel to communities affected by disaster across the USA; it helps cover the cost of doing deep-dive explainers on topics like prescribed burns; and it helps keep my newsletter free.

Hi, I’m Colleen

I created My World’s on Fire after nearly a decade of reporting on disasters for leading local, national, and international news outlets. During my first job in journalism, I reported as Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New York City; in the years to come, I covered wildfires, derechos, tornados, and more hurricanes, as well as the compounding impact of Covid-19 on communities experiencing these events. Recognizing the knowledge gaps and challenges that often exist for those most vulnerable to disasters, I decided to start this free newsletter in hopes of creating a simple way to up your disaster literacy (and therefore, preparedness) each week.

What people are saying

[Colleen’s] newsletter is essential reading for disaster researchers, and anyone trying to make sense of disasters.

— Scott Gabriel Knowles

My World’s on Fire covers disasters at a local level but with an eye to the global picture that is both informative and gripping.

— Covering Climate Now (MWOF was a finalist for newsletters this year)

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My World’s on Fire is a free email dispatch to help expand your understanding of disasters through deep-dives, Q&As, and exclusive interviews. Covering Climate Now selected it as a newsletter finalist in its 2022 Journalism Awards, calling it “informative and gripping,” with a “distinctive and engaging” voice.

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